How to Get Free Membership in Alight Motion?

Alight Motion, a beacon of creativity for mobile video editors, offers many creative features that cater to both beginners and professionals. However, the full range of its capabilities is locked behind a membership wall, prompting many to seek ways to access these premium features without financial cost. This article will unlock the full potential of Alight Motion, ensuring that your journey into video editing is both cost-effective and boundless.

How to get free membership in alight motion

While Alight Motion is a free video editing app, but the free version does not grant access to all features. Numerous premium features, such as the removal of watermarks, access to fonts, presets, transitions, effects, and other advanced functionalities, are restricted in the free version. Consequently, many Alight Motion users are consistently seeking methods to obtain its free membership. In this article, I will provide detailed information on how to acquire a free membership in Alight Motion.

The search for free membership in Alight Motion is not just about saving money; it’s about expressing your creative potential without controls. With the right approach, you can access a world of advanced graphics, visual effects, and animation tools that can elevate your projects from good to extraordinary. Let’s explore how to get free membership in Alight Motion.

How to Get Free Membership in Alight Motion?

The charm of Alight Motion’s premium features is undeniable. From advanced editing layers to bespoke visual effects, the premium version stands as a gateway to unparalleled creative freedom. However, the cost barrier often poses a significant challenge for many. Fortunately, there are legitimate methods to gain access to these premium features without directly subscribing to a paid membership.

We’ve found two working methods to get a free membership in Alight Motion and access all the premium features for free. Let’s discuss these methods and their procedure of implementation. Don’t miss any steps and get access to Alight Motion Pro for free.

Method 1: Using Alight Motion Mod APK

One of the primary and most effective methods to access the premium features of Alight Motion is through its modded APK. By utilizing the Alight Motion Mod APK, you can gain access to all the features that would typically require payment. Please follow the steps carefully.

  • Open your web browser and type the URL
  • Once the website loads, scroll down to find the download button.
  • Click on the download button to initiate the download process.
  • After a few minutes, the Alight Motion APK will be downloaded to your mobile device.
  • Once the download is complete, navigate to the settings of your phone and search for “Unknown sources.”
  • Enable the option for “Unknown sources” and return to your file manager.
  • Locate the downloaded Alight Motion APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the prompts to install the Alight Motion application.
  • Once installed, the app should be available on your home screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy using Alight Motion with the free membership features.

Method 2: Using Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a popular tool among Android users looking to modify apps to unlock premium features without making in-app purchases. By applying custom patches, Lucky Patcher can potentially unlock Alight Motion’s premium features. This process requires root access on your device, which involves risks and might void your warranty.

While Lucky Patcher offers a pathway to accessing premium features, it’s crucial to use it responsibly. Understanding the implications of rooting your device and potentially impacting app functionality is vital. Additionally, supporting the developers through legitimate means, when possible, helps ensure the longevity and improvement of the app.


In the end, the ultimate guide can be beneficial for those who are searching for how to get free membership in Alight Motion. In this article, the two most common and working methods are mentioned. You can either use Alight Motion apk or use Lucky Patcher to get a free membership of Alight Motion to enjoy all the premium features for free. If you still have any questions or confusion, feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

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